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Enable Active Diretory integrated user authentication.

Tustena can handle a hybrid authentication model, based on subnets. This way a user can login from a domain PC without username/password, and from outside the domain providing the correct username and password.

Tree simple steps are required to enable integrated authentication:
  • Disable anonymous login from the directory tab of Internet Information Server.
  • Create a Domain Name to Tustena UserID map on the localuser table in the Tustena database. This table have 2 columns, the first username requires the full domain name in NT4 fotmat ex: “FERRARI\Enzo Ferrari”, the second ACCOUNTID requires the ID of the corresponding user in the account table.
  • Add your network ip to the settings.config file with DomainIntegratedAuth' key, ex:
    <add key="DomainIntegratedAuth"value="192.168.2.*"/>