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Admin - first run - SETUP

Argomenti collegati: Every business is structured and developed differently, and are substantially different needs exist between companies operating in the same sector; therefore in a CRM is important to ensure the maximum personalizzabilitĂ , so that the audience can interface software as better suited to the needs and characteristics of the company.

Tustena provides a specimen to that need, ensuring to the same time a wide range of features and a special malleability, without neglecting efficiency and especially ease of use, it being a strictly necessary feature in such software.

It is therefore fundamental configure Tustena appropriately before taking usage.

This section of the manual aims to explain step by step the path that the system administrator must follow to initialize Tustena to your business needs. Course can be used as reference for any amendment arises the need to make as a result.

Click the button to access the engaged precisely to the configuration section:

"The version of the software is only indicativa

Select item (cerchiata in figure) to access the screen where you can set your business data.

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